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“I must have been 2 years old when I first heard Abba's "Chiquitita" on my parents black and white TV back in the Spanish Pyrenees, in a small town near France called Berga. I remember feeling that something special was behind those sounds, something that of course I couldn't quite comprehend at the time. I didn't even know back then those sounds were called music,
but I somehow I knew that this was the thing I would devote my energy for the rest of my life.”


Toni Castells (born 3 January 1976) is a Spanish-born British composer based currently in London. Composer, multi-instrumentalist, engineer, producer and academic, electro-acoustic polymath Toni Castells defies definition. His sonic worlds transpire an inherited precocious classical training with an inventive use of modern technologies to create unique and distinctive soundscapes that have been compared to Morricone and Satie. Over the years Castells has become best known for his genre defying solo albums which sit on the fringes of the the ever burgeoning ‘neo-classical’ movement. His spiritually-charged live performances have been hailed as ‘life-changing’. 


2015 saw the release of his new solo album “Slaves of Time” in which Castells explores his recent obsession with time, death and afterlife. Castells is currently writing a combined opera+ballet entitled “2045: The Year Man Becomes Immortal” which will be premiered in London in July 2016.


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2045: the year man becomes immortal