It was fabulous Toni...well done!
— Jim Mellon
Thank you for a beautiful night. Music an visuals was stunning. The hair on my back stood up 6-7 times and I smiled many more times. So many dimensions. Congratulations.
— LC Kvaal
Wonderful night, such a success, the work was brilliant.
— Henry Conway
Amazing, it made me tearful, it was beautiful...
— Charlie Evans
Pretty savage…I have been a DJ/Producer for the past decade and I have seen quite a lot of gigs. That was one of my favourite in London. I was lost in it at one stage, always a good sign!
— Eoin Long
It was beautiful…
— Minako Kano
I absolutely loved it!! The music coupled together with the images were mesmerising. The people you brought together - it all worked beautifully. Congratulations!
— Jacinta Kelly
It was so incredible, just sensational. I want people to see it…so so impressed!
— Hayley Kennedy
It is staggering in power imbued in a live performance.
— Josephine Sundt
I loved it, it was very moving and a night I will remember forever - well done!
— Krystal Nash
Beautiful, just beautiful and inspirational. Thank you.
— Martin Jefferies
Amazing show Toni. You are the expression of that light of this big, wide and surprising world.
— Carolina Busina
Congratulations! What a wonderful show! Wow...We really enjoyed it!!!
— Teresa Costa Alfares
Just want to congratulate on the fantastic event last night, such an inspiration! My body, mind and spirit are buzzing today. Keep up the great work and please also let us know how things develop!
— Christiana Soderberg
It was absolutely incredible, beautiful venue, stunning photos and the most spine tingling music - thank you very much for a wonderful evening. Please show it again so I can invite all my friends to go!
— Cecilia Desmond
— Sydney Levinson
I feel honoured to have been part of this. Every piece was so beautiful, and everything came together so wonderfully.
— Adam John Williams
Toni, it was just amazing! Love your music! show was amazing and your music is so touching. I have no doubts that more successful shows will follow! You are superstar!!!!
— Natalia Faeh
Was mesmerised and inspired by “Life from Light” - have not had such a perfect night of beauty for a long time. “Traviata” is beautiful, “Tosca” is very sad - “Life from Light” makes every breath we take, every blink we make...every heart beat count. I have not been taken by the power of music so much for a long time. Conventions are there to be broken :)
— Stasya Free
Congratulations Toni! Great night, it was a success :) Ambitious project and very well accomplished, the score was absolutely beautiful and the visuals too!! Amazing performers too :) Bravo!!!
— Maria Chiara di Bernardo
What a gig! Few challenges through the day, but all came together to give an awesome show in a fantastic venue - looking forward to visiting Union Chapel again - some fantastic music played brilliantly - congrats on a great show!
— Andrew Bourbon
Life From Light was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Congratulations to Toni and the rest of the team for an excellent concert!
— Martin Stephens
It was an amazing show Toni, well done on an astounding achievement.
— Sophie Edmonds
Congratulations for the show. It was amazing!! I can’t wait to see the next show! Great music and great atmosphere…breathless!!
— Stefania Pileri
OMG your opera was just sensational, I absolutely loved it. Congratulations it was truly incredible, the music, the video, the singers, the musicians, the venue, the lighting, the acoustics, the visuals, the actors…everything! I hope it is a huge success for you. You must be very proud, it was truly wonderful.
— Nadia Brydon
Amazing production, I loved it! Music is genius and together with the images they take you to a completely different place and make you feel all sort of emotions. Congratulations!
— Olga Rabasso
I was really impressed and really enjoyed the show, it all held together really well and your music is beautiful.
— Carleen Ebbs
I enjoyed it immensely. Great tunes, but also the depth of complex harmonies, performed very well indeed. Would love to hear it again.
— Alex Brown
It was amazing, I really enjoyed it!
— Annette Abendanon