Audience reactions after the premiere at St James's Piccadilly on the 6th of July 2016 and Cowdray House on the 9th of July 2016.

I just loved this work – its ability to combine music, word and experience into something that is beyond cinema, stage and traditional concerts. It’s a truly consuming 3-D experience with music that is moving, expressive and utterly compelling. Can’t wait to hear it again. Utterly absorbing.
— Michael Haas
Touched my senses and filled my soul...beautiful music!
— Francesca Bristol
It was sensational and loved every moment…
— Marina Cowdray
Such a memorable evening, the music was remarkably enjoyable and have been telling so many friends how super it was.
— Derek Bell MBE
Superb, magnificent, moving, beautifully composed and performed.
— Miel de Botton
2045 is incredible...I imagined it being the soundtrack to the next sci-fi blockbuster. Loved the pieces of narrative you’d placed over the top and just how varied it was with vocals, electric and acoustic instruments.
— Patrick Drake
Special...I literally have never heard anything like it before, both powerful and mesmerising.
— Tracy Portman
When I first heard Toni Castells’s previous work ‘Life from Light’ in 2014 at Union Chapel in London I knew I was listening to something really special. It felt like his music was transporting me to a place where the answers that couldn’t be expressed in words lived and breathed. And so it is with his new opera ‘2045 The Year Man becomes Immortal’. Although we’re in the future Toni’s ‘sound world’ somehow prepares us for the journey and carries over us the threshold into a new dimension. I loved the concert...a truly wonderfully haunting experience. ‘Slaves of Time’ is a moving example of this fine writing. I look forward to seeing and hearing it again.
— Megg Nicol
The whole experience was so stunningly uplifting. A night I will remember for a long time.
— Tamara Gray
It’s beautiful, other-worldly and uplifting...I particularly liked the soaring voices above the spoken word.
— William Thuillier
Within the first seconds of the music starting, I was captivated. For a full hour, my mind was blown away by the eerie, deep and intense performance. The whole piece perfectly balanced lightness and strength. It carried a spirituality that moved me to the core. Magnificent. I had not heard something so powerful in a long, long, long time.
— Virginie Bonfils-Bedos
The concert was really quite extraordinary and very moving.
— Sandy Norman
What a wonderful, wonderful evening, so completely ‘wow’. The lyrics were so beautiful. I have kept the programme and dip in it every now and then to remind myself of something very special.
— Joanna von Shenk
Toni took us all on an incredible journey.
— Annabel Bosher
What a joy it was to be lifted by such exquisite songs and music. To reach such heights of imagination and pleasure is a rare thing.
— Carol Lawrence
It was a night we will never forget...just amazing.
— Nick & Catherine English
My husband Paul and I came to your amazing performance of “2045” at St James’s Piccadilly and were absolutely blown away. It was beautiful, stirring, haunting and uplifting...intoxicating. Such an interesting theory behind the composition too…and I love the spirituality of the lyrics.
— Emma Ohea
I thought it was one of the most beautiful pieces of music, so moving and inspirational.
— Sophie Warre
It was quite unforgettable and very beautiful experience. Afterwards, even the countryside looked quite luminously altered. Thank you again.
— Penelope Tree
Magnificent and I am keen to relive it! It was moving and profound.
— David Hopkin
It was really a high experience and so uplifting...the lease is running out so wonderful to be reminded by such wise men as Watts that we should not fear death.
— Peter Meadows
Still floating in the magnitude of the music. I reread the lyrics last night and am even keener to somehow find and relive the music. Exquisite.
— Rebecca Miskin
It was wonderful from start to finish, I was so inspired by Toni’s work.
— Guy Burgs
Angelic music...amazing. Truly incredible.
— Tina Tsang
It was wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!! Deeply moving, extraordinary & stirring...took everyone to a special realm. Daniele & I loved it.
— James Nicholls
What a superb evening we had - such a moving and wonderfully profound and thought provoking creation. Absolutely beautiful and transporting.
— Didi
Congratulations again on a fantastic evening - hope you feel proud of results. As I mentioned, the audience members I spoke to (and our ushers) were bowled over by it - so it was a very impressive feat for you to pull all aspects of it together so successfully.
— David McCleery
— LC
Beautiful music, it has touched my soul again and again. I felt transported to a world where only love exists.
— Paola Bay
Dearest Toni just to tell you how spellbound I was by your celestial music...this particular opera will travel far and wide, touching the heart of many around the world…
— Claudia Navone
Absolutely magical, brilliant, deeply moving musical feast!! F and I absolutely loved it and it was a wonderful and uplifting evening. Everyone I spoke felt the same. Bravissimo!!!
— Peter Adler
What a wonderful concert, truly awesome and inspiring. Very moving. Everyone I spoke to loved every minute of your beautiful music. Can’t wait to hear it again!
— Jose Fonseca
Fabulous music…
— Dick Kries
Stunning and incredibly moving concert. I was BLOWN away with how powerful it was. Words can not describe your talent.
— Bethany Russell
I was absolutely blown away by the performance. I found it deeply, deeply moving as well as sublime, beautiful and inspiring. *PLEASE* can there be another performance soon?!? There are so many more people I would like to bring!!
— Venetia Appelbe
I thoroughly enjoyed it. I thought it was magical.
— Pierre Decote
Captivating performance.
— Maxine Hamilton-Stubber
Spellbinding! I absolutely loved it! I was moved and it was UNBELIEVABLY BEAUTIFUL! The whole composition and combination of artists playing was MAGIC!! Congratulations.
— Helen Park-Weir
Thank you for a splendid evening. The music was blissful. It’s an emotive and thought provoking work, I’m so glad I came.
— Vardatta Singh-Khalsa
A wonderful concert - it was so profound and a great pleasure to hear.
— Fi Prentice
I was blown away!
— Alanna FitzGerald
It was incredible, really brilliant.
— Roberta Howett
The most incredible music creation I have ever heard. I would love to hear it again soon!
— Inga Pivena
A Triumph!
— Peter Rudnick
Insanely beautiful, everything about the performance blew my mind.
— Jess Segal
Loved it, such a beautiful piece.
— Annabel Thrower
What a beautiful beautiful concert. I thought it was unbelievably amazing and powerful. I really loved it!
— Georgie Gerrish
It was magic, really so so beautiful. Giant goosebumps...loved it.
— Katie Stone
Such an impressive piece of music!!! Well done.
— Tamara Palamakumbura
An electro-oratorio smorgasbord of futuristic musical concepts and artistic patterns as old as nature itself. New music to be excited about. A beautiful job of capturing the zeitgeist in terms of the balance between new horizons from technology and perpetual human quandaries, through a medium that is both classical and pop. Just genius. I’m deeply impressed and moved.
— Peter Lewin
Wonderfully moving show. Congratulations Toni Castells, my friends were really inspired by it.
— Marie Angel
Beautiful, provocative, haunting, poignant. I want to see/hear it again! Thank you.
— Laura Bridge
Was such an amazing show and performance, it was truly perfect. It touched my soul.
— Claudia Bergman
What an amazing night of music! Thanks for reminding me to take some time out of my busy life to listen, open my heart and reflect on our existence. Really love your work.
— Maria-Chiara di Bernardo
It was truly moving.
— Quentin Holland
Ruth and I loved 2045. We were really moved. Congratulations.
— Emma Passmore
It was an overwhelming experience to listen to your music in St. James’s. I felt it left everyone deeply touched, hard to escape the depth of the lyrics and samples.
— Erik Holzinger
It was incredible; so intricately woven. Thank you!!!
— Melissa Eisdell
Hauntingly beautiful & thought provoking, thank you for a wonderful evening.
— Kate Pardoe
Our warmest congratulations on an absolutely fantastic and amazing performance. I cannot begin to comprehend how you put the whole thing together, it is truly impressive. Well done and we hope your opera goes from strength to strength.
— Edward Heaton
It was absolutely beautiful. Congratulations.
— Agi La
Thank you for a marvellous masterpiece, it was wonderful bravo!
— Anika Valentina Maric
It was absolutely fantastic!!! Incredible piece. Blessed to have been there.
— Lee Atkins
So spine tingling-ly wonderful, exceeded all my already very high expectations.
— Wink Bankes
Amazing event and happening you created and executed stunningly well. You should be really proud of yourself for your integrity, vision and profound sincere spirit.
— Alex Goulding
Thank you for such a wonderful evening. It really was a spectacular concert that deeply resonated with me on so many different levels, a very moving and thought provoking performance. Well done! Look forward to the next one!
— Catherine Crawley
The best concert ticket I have purchased this year! Took form and it was eloquent.
— Jean-Herve Nedelec
I absolutely loved the event, such a beautiful and thought provoking event, congratulations!
— Holly Presdee
Enjoyed it immensely.
— Dhivya Venkat
I loved it. It is genre transcending and therefore difficult to describe or compare to anything else, so I can only talk about how it made me feel. I was transported away to another world, reminded of my own mortality, and of the fact that that there is hope and purpose in death and new life. A really magical piece of music. Well done!
— Sam Coffield